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BOLOGNA / ITALY - OSLO / NORWAY - 2018 Spécialisation Voice, Music and Percussion Instruments


Specialization in the Extension:


S é r g i o C r u z


 January 2018 

Biodanza® and Voice

Voice, Music and Percussion

 Module 1st

Bologna - Italy

 Sérgio Cruz


 March  2018

Biodanza® and Voice

(Voice, Music and Percussion and Methodology)

Modulo 2th

 Bologna – Italy

Sérgio Cruz

15 a 19 

 June  2018

Biodanza® and Voice

(Voice, Music and Percussion and Methodology)

Modules 1st and 2th  together   

Oslo - Norway

INFO:Unni Heim

 Sérgio Cruz






Bologna-Italy, 26-27-28 January 2018 - 21st Module
Bologna-Italy, 16-17-18 March 2018 - 2th Module
Friday (20.30 h to 23 h.). - Saturday (from 9.30 pm to 19.30 pm.). - Sundays (from 9.30 am to 18 pm.).
Presentation of official diplomas of the International Foundation for Biocentric extension "Biodanza Voice, Music and Percussion"
Training only for teachers, students under supervision and methodology


Danza of Life

DANCE OF LIFE From the Greek prefix bios and the word of french origin danse comes the term Biodanza(R), which has the poetical meaning Dance of life; it gives the possibility to redeem and integrated movement, full of emotion, full of life, a gesture where all the being finds

The Vivencia


THE VIVENCIA Gives to the subjective experience the existential quality of living 'here and now'

The Poetry of the meeting


THE POETRY OF THE ENCOUNTER To celebrate the presence of the other, to praise it into the essential enchantment of the encounter

The Art of Living

THE ART OF LIVING Giving back the vital creative power which is present and possible.



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